Becoming a Marine Toys for Tots Local Community Organization Coordinator (LCO)

Step One:
Read our Standard Operation Procedures Handbook and explore our national website - this will give you a general overview of what running a Toys for Tots Campaign is like. Some recommended links below:

Determine if your area has a campaign:

Other Helpful Links:

Step Two:
Complete our application via this link:Application to Become a Coordinator. The application is open 16 January - 30 June. The deadline is final, any application submitted after this date will not be accepted. Please note that we do not begin reviewing applications until late Spring. We will communicate with you via email; ensure you enter an accurate address on the application and check it frequently.

Step Three:
We will send you a say credit/criminal background check via email. The link is valid for only 96 hours, it is imperative that you fill it out immediately.

Step Four:
Once the say credit/criminal background check inquiry check comes back clear a webinar link will be sent to you via the email listed on your application. Like with the credit/criminal background check request, this link is valid only for a short period of time; be sure to complete it quickly.

Step Five:
We will send you an approval (or denial) letter via email. A denial could be for a variety of reasons, it will be listed in your letter. If you are approved, congratulations! The next step will be attendance at our mandatory Coordinator's Training, in September in Leesburg Virginia. The coordinator is required to attend, no other person is authorized (i.e. no spouses, assistants, children, etc.). If you, the coordinator, do not attend, your approval will be rescinded. We will send you additional information via email with your approval / welcome letter.

After You Apply / Overview:

  • The Foundation begins looking at applications in late-March.
  • Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an email with a link for a background check.
  • The link is only valid for 96 hours so its imperative that you fill it out immediately.
  • Once the background screening is complete, you will receive an email with the result.
  • Once approved, you will attend our Coordinator’s training in Leesburg Virginia.
    • Travel Days: 7 & 10 Sep / Training Days: 8-9 Sep
    • Only for local Coordinators, no guests
  • Training is mandatory for new local Coordinators

For more information on how to become a Local Toys for Tots Coordinator for your area, contact:

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